Q: What is RFID signal hacking? How can my car be stolen through my key fob?
A: RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Your key fob utilizes a radio-frequency transponder to communicate with the door locks, but it uses infrared to communicate with the engine's immobilizer system. 
By using signal relay devices car jackers can open and operate your car without setting off your car alarm.
Q: Will this work with my car?
A: Yes it will! If your fob can lock or unlock the doors it will work against relay attacks.
Q: But this case won't work because you still have to take your fob out to hit the button 
A: False, the signal can be stolen without pressing a button. 
The car communicates with the fob all the time when the battery is in.
That is how it knows when you are close.

Q: I heard my keyfob does communicate periodically, but it does not communicate the "unlock, lock, engine start" communications continuously right?
 Because that would be a terrible engineering/security mistake by design.
A:  You don't need the unlock info on a car with push button start. All you need is for the car to think the remote is near. That's what the thieves are copying.
Q: Do I need to install an app or any software with the case? 
A: Nope! No software or app installs needed. Just place your key fob into the gold section of the case and you're good
Q: How many key fobs can I fit into one case?
A: You can fit 2 key fobs into our TITAN series RFID Blocker cases.
However, you cannot fit 2 fobs into any shells that we carry (Juggernaut, Sentinel etc..)

We will be releasing a house hold box within the next couple of months that can fit multiple fobs.