Our Story

Back in 2005 Nick Mason attended a graduation party for one of his long time friends in San Mateo, California. 

Nick and his friends were die hard car enthusiasts and attended multiple events together over the years while attending USF.

After the party, he had decided to crash there instead of making the late night drive 3 hour drive all the way back up to Sacramento.
What happened that following morning was something that he would never forget.

At first, he thought his car was towed for some reason.
After ruling that possibility out he did what anyone else would do. He went back inside and started asking who was in on the "prank."
With everyone else as confused as him, suddenly he realised that one of his worst nightmares had transpired. His baby... a carbon black metallic e46 M3 had been stolen. The feeling of all of his insides dropping to the bottom of his stomach hit hard. How could this have happened? His car was armed with what was a top of the line alarm system but yet no one heard anything.

No broken glass was left on the pavement, no visible evidence at all and the thieves vanished without a trace.

After the police report had been filed not much progress was made. Luckily there was a small break that would be enough to point everyone in the right direction. Across the street was a LOWES Home Improvement. After speaking with the loss prevention department he was able go gain access to the security system and actually recover some vague footage of the theft. 

There were what looked like 3 males in hoods. One stood on the sidewalk, the other stood next to the driver side of the m3 while the last thief held a black looking box shaped object up next the door. It made absolutely no sense at the time, the car was locked Then all of the sudden the guy next to the door had it opened just like that. The most shocking part of the entire thing was he able to start the car without the keys and the rest was history.

This is when Nick learned first hand about effectiveness of RFID key fob signal hacking. It was silent, it was fast, and it was highly efficient. 

It was time to come up or create a solution.

What else could be done to prevent this from happening again? After months and months of research the only reasonable thing to do at the time was

  1. Wrap the key fobs in tinfoil every night
  2. Disable the car battery
  3. Stick the key fob in the microwave every night
  4. Park the car in the garage (if applicable)

Alarm systems are an extra step of security but rendered useless with these new black boxes objects on the street. All of these suggestions were ok but there had to be another solution.

This is when Hyperyion was born. 

After much trial, error, and tribulation we've managed to create a product that could very well prevent your car from being stolen in the new age of auto theft.

Our RFID signal blocking cases are constructed of signal-isolating, static dissipative 
polyethylene lining. They prevent RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS/SatNav networks, 2,3, and 46 mobile phone WiFi connectivity- stopping all frequency signals that are sent or received by your cars fob system.

This brand made so that no one would ever have to feel the devastation of having their car stolen.
It's a feeling you will never forget, and a feeling that you should never experience.

After the police report was file and the investigation was opened not much progress was being made. Luckily there was a small break that would be enough to find to point everyone in the right direction.